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Boulevard Collection International

Staff Promises to our Clients!

As proud staff members of Boulevard Collection International, we have combined some of our promises to you, our customer. Below are but a few extracts from what have been written by staff when asked about their vision and promise to our clients:
* RLM..... " With our knowledge, experience & skills, we make sure we deliver you your dreamed woodwork.... We always leave smiles behind on every job we did. There is nothing impossible with us, even if our clients think it is - but with us it is not"
* CM......" What we touch, turns into a miracle... We can perfect our product which means, at the end of the day, we get the required product at its best... Challenges to me are a platform to say nothing can beat us... You have to look at our showroom, if not one of the most perfectly manufactured, then it is one of the best"
* DH...... " I can say that I am learning from people who like to make their product different from the rest but once again, outstanding! ... I will give you quality from all spray painting woodwork and double check my job before dispatch"
* PE..... " To be the best and friendliest and provide the noticeable first impression of outstanding service from Boulevard Collection International"
* RVH..... " Everything I do is passionately from my heart directed at delighting you, our customer, by always delivering on my promises.... I will communicate clearly, honestly and openly to relentlessly pursue excellence"
* EM...... " My promise to Boulevard Collection respected customers clearly appears in what I do for them aiming to meet your satisfaction, comfort and happiness.... I have prioritized your requests regarding whatever you want to buy from Boulevard Collection by contributing my stability, hospitality, confidence, patience and trustworthiness to your interests"
* TB...... " It is important to care about the client and the client's dreams as he/she has dreamt of having a beautiful project. I promise to make the clients dream come true ... and making the impossible possible"
* SM....... " I make sure that my job is 100% from cutting to finishing. My promise is that what you see is done by people and not magic. When we deliver our product we make sure that it is 100% safe."
* HVZ.... " To be reliable and friendly when I have to do something for the client and that everything is in a good condition"
* MS..... "All my cupboards are of a good quality and I make everything as it is supposed to be..."


Join a Winning Team!

We are currently interviewing to appoint professional and dedicated design staff with proven experience in taking care of high profile client portfolios.
If you consider yourself service orientated, have a unique design style and live a passion for designing detailed and upmarket cabinet portfolios, we would like to hear from you.